We start together a new legislature 2019-2023, for me a third legislature as mayor, thank you very much for the confidence you have placed in me, thanks for the opportunity to continue building a town with a look to the future.
Bellús is the town where I was born, where I grew up and is the town that I return to every day, after work, out of my stay, on trips ... It is the place that gives me temperance, peace, tranquility, security, the company needed to live day by day.
We are living in a complicated global situation because of the demographic challenge and depopulation, as well as the need to develop new, more sustainable and green, environmentally friendly, productive and social models of the environment.
In the middle of this situation, it is a privilege to live in Bellús and it is necessary to value the advantages of a small and rural village like ours, a simple, natural, and kind people that invites us to become aware of the amount of possibilities we have yet to be explored. Being and being surrounded by nature, sources, springs, natural resources that provide representative and significant quality of life in rural areas, is invaluable.
Bellús is our heritage, the people, the holidays, the culture, the education, the territory and our objective will be to take care of and create infrastructures and circumstances to improve and grow together.
Appreciate the enthusiasm of the government teammates Ana, Bastian, Mª Carmen, Mario and Isabel that together with the workers of the city council form an unbeatable team.
I am at your disposal, we are available to accompany, listen and feel to each and every one of the neighbors, every day, every moment.
To say goodbye, I share a reflection, which is not mine but San Agustin.
"Hope has two precious children:  their names are angry and courage; angry when they see how things are and courage to not allow themselves to continue like this"
Viva Bellús !!!!!